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Misconceptions due to media


The common misconceptions about Islam arise in the minds of a majority of non-Muslims, because they are constantly being bombarded with misinformation about Islam. International media is mainly controlled by the western world, whether it is international satellite channels, radio stations, news papers, magazines or books. Recently the Internet has become a powerful medium of information. Though it is not controlled by anybody, one finds a large amount of virulent propaganda about Islam on the Internet. Of course, Muslims too are utilizing this tool to portray the right image of Islam and Muslims, but they are far behind as compared to the propaganda against Islam. t hope the efforts by the Muslims will increase and continue to be pursued.


এই সাইডটি ভিজিট করার সময় আপনি যাদি কোন অশ্লীল এডভাটাইজমেন্ট দেখেন তাহলে একটু হোমপেজের পাশে “এডভাটাইজমেন্ট মুক্ত ব্রাউজিং করুন” পাতাটি দেখুন।

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